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Presentation Guidelines

General Rules


The maximum duration of presentations is 10 minutes for each presenter. We strongly recommend the use of English language in your presentations, both in text and delivery in order to accommodate foreign participants so they can follow the course of panel sessions. However, full use of Indonesian language is also allowed. The presentation duration will be strictly enforced so it will not interfere with the next sessions. During the presentation, laptop, projector, screen, microphone, pointers, and audio / speakers will be provided. It’s not allowed to use personal laptop devices to ensure time efficiency in panel session.


Presentation Format


PowerPoint (.ppt) or (.pptx)


Power point rules and presentation structure

In order to ensure efficient panel sessions and good paper delivery, we recommend a brief and clear presentation, in which:

•   Reduce the amount of text on each slide (Maximum 3-5 points submitted);

•   Maximum of 20 words for each paragraph;

•   Recommended to use font types available in Microsoft office (e.g. Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Consolas, Corbel, Constantia). Not allowed to use non-original font types;

•   Be careful to choose the combination of slide’s background color with the font color. Tips: dark colors on backgrounds and light colors fonts, or vice versa;

•   Slides limit: 10 slides;

•   Use a 4:3 presentation size ratio (this can be changed in the "Design" option within powerpoint, and change the size to 4:3).

•   Use Images with large resolution to avoid stretching, it’s recommended using a standard resolution of 1024x768;

•   If there is a short video in the presentation, please use "insert video" in power point instead of using link;

•   Power point files should be less than 20MB, larger files will make it slower to open your presentation

Presentation structures must include:
•   Cover

•   Introduction

•   Study objectives, benefits, and hypotheses

•   Methods

•   Results and Discussion

•   Conclusions (3 points recommended)

•   Thank-you note

File Submission


Presentation files can be sent via email by March 21, 2018 at the latest with the following email subject: PRESENTASI ORAL_(NAMA PEMAKALAH)




•  Title

•   Authors and contacts

•   Institutions and addresses

•   Symposium logo


Presentation in Bahasa


Presentation in English